Amy Flanigan of Belly Full

Well, hey there! Amy, here. I’m a graphic designer, turned stay-at-home mom, turned food writer and photographer.

It’s hard to believe that this gal who once worked in the music industry, didn’t know a thing about food, and often ate potato chips for dinner, now has a popular food website, where millions of people visit every month. Like whaaaat?

Yep, I do. And it’s awesome. For me – and hopefully for you!

What began as a hobby back in 2009 (whoa!) bringing food to gatherings and playdates, I was encouraged to start cataloging the recipes online so everyone could access them. That hobby quickly evolved into a full-time job, realizing that so many others were desperate for quick and easy meals to feed their families, just like me.

I don’t think my husband, Paul, had any idea what he was getting himself into back in those early years when he suggested I start a food blog. We have often joked that it’s like another child. I spend endless hours caring for it, getting mad at it, worrying about it, and loving it. And I could not do it without him. (Literally. He’s not only a master dishwasher, but edits all of my videos!)

Fun Facts

  • I’m a product of the 70’s and therefore love all the one-hit wonders of that decade. Baby.
  • I loathe shopping, but have a very impressive shoe collection. You can never have too many shoes.
  • Three things I hate doing more than anything else: filling the car up with gas, folding laundry, and going to the bank.
  • I firmly believe that loading the dishwasher is an art.
  • Any animal movie makes me ugly cry.
  • I adore the English language and don’t believe there is such a thing as a “bad” word.
  • I have lived both in California and Minnesota, twice.
  • The cold weather and I do not agree with one another…which is why I’m back in California, permanently.
  • The smell of freshly baked bread sends me into a frenzy of epic proportions.
  • Snickerdoodles are my favorite homemade cookie and Oreos are my favorite store-bought cookie. I will fight you for either of them.
  • Whatever the amount of cinnamon called for in a recipe, I will most likely double it. 
  • My all-time favorite dessert is pie. Any kind.

I Have Four Taste Testers!

  • Husband, Paul – Guinea pig in the kitchen and human garbage disposal. Believes Tabasco makes anything better.
  • Daughter, Haley – If stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one thing, would choose a burger.
  • Son, Trevor – If stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one thing, would choose deep fried ice cream.
  • Puppy, Penny – Lover of sticks, rocks, and hoards socks under the bed. Shows extreme excitement over carrots.
  • (R.I.P. my tribute here) Puppy, Ginger – An excellent floor cleaner. Will not eat broccoli or mushrooms.
  • (R.I.P. my tribute here) Puppy, Ebi – Makes Ginger do all the scouting and then goes in for the kill. Will eat anything.

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